Thanks for visiting my site. I'm Bram and I'm an interim full-stack developer.

What I can provide:

  • Development of websites and webapps
  • Lead with a focus on process improvement, (cross-team) collaboration, communication and knowledge sharing
  • Translation of complex technical topics into understandable business language
  • Advice on everything web related
Brands and clients I've worked with include DPG Media, VanMoof, Dept, Etos, Bugaboo, MediaMonks, Douwe Egberts, ING, Benu, Heineken, Erasmus University and NRC Media. I have a passion for e‑commerce and media.

I usually work remote, but can work on location in all major cities in the Randstad if needed. I currently work for DPG Media, taking care of titles like Volkskrant, Trouw, Parool, and more.
(last updated 8 nov '23)

Feel free to contact me on 06-41691716 or send me an email: post@bramjoosten.nl

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