Hey There!

Thanks for visiting my portolio site. My name's Bram and I work on front-end related projects on an interim basis.

In short, I provide:

  • Development of websites and webapps
  • Collaboration between stakeholders like content, design, analytics
  • Advice for everything web related
  • Focus on clear communication, critical thinking and positive attitude
Brands and clients I've worked for include Dept, Etos, Bugaboo, MediaMonks, Douwe Egberts, ING, Benu, Heineken, Erasmus University and NRC Media. Currently I'm specializing towards e‑commerce related projects.

I usually work remote, but can work on location in all major cities in the Randstad if required. I'm currently working for Gall & Gall until end of June 2022.
(last updated 2 jul '20)

Feel free to contact me on 06-41691716 or send me an email: post@bramjoosten.nl

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