Websites Portfolio 2021

This is the portfolio that highlights the work I've done up until now. For me, a project that is challenging and solves a universal problem is one that gives me the most joy and motivation.

Website to scale

For fintech startup VIVE I was responsible for building the company website. It runs globally on amazon infrastructure with scalability in mind. Because it is built with modern tools like Hugo, it can reach incredibly fast compilation times of 50.000 articles in a few seconds if necessary.

viveapp website shown on all devices
projectVIVE company website
skillsJavascript, CSS, Html, Webpack, Gulp, Hugo, Forestry, AWS
description The site is fully translated in Dutch as well as English and is GDPR compliant.

360+ pharmacies

With over 360 locations Benu is the largest chain of pharmacies in The Netherlands. My role was to transform the static UX design into a working front-end that looks great on any device and has smooth interactions.

benu apotheken website shown on all devices
projectBenu Apotheken
clientOnline Department
skillsJavascript, CSS, HTML, Hugo, Gulp, Webpack
descriptionMy favourite part of this website is the way the menu works. On desktop as well as on mobile, they are completely different. Feel free to check them out!


I like to work closely with designers as they have a keen eye for aesthetics. I see it as my job to copy the design into a pixel-perfect state.

hp staal website shown on all devices
projectHP Staal
clientDutch Portfolio
skillsVanilla JS, CSS, HTML, Wordpress, Gravity forms
descriptionThere's this feature on the site where a visitor can generate a quotation. This was the most challenging part because this component is used throughout the site, in slightly different variations. I kept everything in the gravityforms DRY. Great succes!

Quality Journalism

The NRC website got redesigned, and I supported in a team of 5. In this high-energy environment code quality was critical.

projectNRC 2.0
clientNRC Media
skillsSASS, JS, NPM, Webpack, Git, BEM Methodology
descriptionThe website needed to support IE9, so no flexbox. I built parts of the homepage, paywall and alert banners.

Making stuff responsive

I worked on refactoring a project that specifically focused on writing new style framework for the homepages for the homepage of twinfield.

projectTwinfield responsiveness
clientLukkien, Twinfield
skillsCSS, PHP, jQuery, Wordpress, Git, Responsive, cross-browser
descriptionThere was a lot of hardcoded content, which was quite challenging. Also, this project also focused on fixing cross-browser compatibility. Lukkien has some great testers that do a great job. I like this level of quality.

...Life is like a flexbox of chocolates