Websites Portfolio 2018

This is the portfolio that highlights the work I've done up until now. For me, a project that is challenging and solves a universal problem are the ones that give me most joy and motivation.


I like to work closely with designers as they have a keen eye for aesthetics. I see it as my job to copy the design into a pixel-perfect state.

hp staal website shown on all devices
projectHP Staal
clientDutch Portfolio
skillsVanilla JS, CSS, HTML, Wordpress, Gravity forms
descriptionThere's this feature on the site where a visitor can generate a quotation. This was the most challenging part because this component is used throughout the site, in slightly different variations. I kept everything in the gravityforms DRY. Great succes!

Quality Journalism

The NRC website got redesigned, and I supported in a team of 5. In this high-energy environment code quality was critical.

projectNRC 2.0
clientNRC Media
skillsSASS, JS, NPM, Webpack, Git, BEM Methodology
descriptionThe website needed to support IE9, so no flexbox. I built parts of the homepage, paywall and alert banners.

Making stuff responsive

I worked on refactoring a project that specifically focused on writing new style framework for the homepages for the homepage of twinfield.

projectTwinfield responsiveness
clientLukkien, Twinfield
skillsCSS, PHP, jQuery, Wordpress, Git, Responsive, cross-browser
descriptionThere was a lot of hardcoded content, which was quite challenging. Also, this project also focused on fixing cross-browser compatibility. Lukkien has some great testers that do a great job. I like this level of quality.

Foam, so much foam.

I helped an agency completely refactor a website. This was a running project for more than a year. This project was a whole lot of cleaning out code, image resizing, creating consistent margins, cropping and optimizing images. And writing documentation.

skillsPHP, JS, CSS, Wordpress, Illustrator, After Effects
descriptionI remember the most challenging part of the project is creating a textblock on every page that had a complex shape. It needed to grow in size without stretching. I got it to work with some gradients and an svg.

Custom theme for Ethics blog

Defining business goals leads to a clear understanding of the why and how of a website. and training in content management and copywriting.
clientSjoerd Hogenbirk
skillsPHP, SASS, JS, Responsive, Wordpress, Git
descriptionDesigning and building a theme for Wordpress from scratch always comes with specific challenges. I started out with a starter theme, SASS installation and mobile first approach.

Animation studio

Refactoring and maintenance on a website for an animation studio
clientRob Buitink
skillsPHP, JS, CSS, Wordpress
descriptionIt's common for editing a website more than maintaining one. The most challenging part of this project was figuring out how to disable the escaping of the right set of strings, so glyphicon could be added.


Usable websites

For this project I built the website and helped the client with content management in multiple training sessions.
clientMarianne Janssen
skillsPHP, JS, CSS, Wordpress
descriptionGiving training in updating content is great. The site build itself was very easy, with best practices and a modern website template, secure hosting etc. In general it's been an easy ride and a great client.

Starting from scratch

It's not often that I got the chance to be involved in a website project from day one. In this 1-on-1 project there was a need of coming up with a complete identity. In 8 sessions my client and I talked about everything from business names, how to write proper web copy to color preferences. This makes designing a website a personal experience. We defined marketing goals and visitor target groups. The website, being a tool, needs to answer to these goals.

clientHeleen van Kemenade
skillsPHP, Wordpress, CSS, Illustrator, Logo design
descriptionThe content needed to be easily adjusted as well, so a wordpress platform and user friendly theme were bought to fit the story. The content is split between mobile and desktop devices.

Pixel perfect design

Small websites are still websites. The avionos conference in 2016 needed a microsite, I built this Wordpress minisite from a Sketch design.

projectAvionos dreamforce
clientConcept M
skillsPHP, Wordpress, CSS, Responsive
descriptionA Wordpress one-pager with responsive elements.

Content driven website

This website is for a client in the UK, it's a nice little presentation of a house.

skillsPHP, Wordpress, SASS, Git, Svg, Responsive
descriptionThis website has some neat deployment. The server runs a git hook that detects incoming git pushes, then does a git checkout. This way, no github is needed. I should do that more often.