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Business-first full-stack developer with more than 8 years of experience building software for everyone from individuals to agencies to corporations. When I'm not coding I enjoy spending time with my girlfriend and my newborn son, tinkering with (top‑secret) project ideas and playing tennis.


  • DPG Media, Amsterdam |
    Jun 2022 β€” Current

    Working as a full-stack developer, responsible for shipping code to 8 different brands, reaching on average 1,5M unique visitors per day.

    • Development of new features and maintenance of manufacturing tools
    • Sharing of knowledge and supporting junior developers
    • A/B testing of new features and efficiency improvements to the A/B testing suite
    • Close collaboration with stakeholders on new features and improvements to the platform.
    • Front-end: NodeJS/Typescript, React, NextJS, Storybook
    • Backend: Java, Spring boot, Thymeleaf
    • AWS infrastructure
    • Sitespect for A/B testing
    • Jest/Playwright for testing
    • Bitbucket pipelines for deployments
    • Docker, Git, NPM
  • VanMoof, Amsterdam |
    Mar 2022 β€” May 2022

    Three-month project working as a Javascript developer on AWS cloud technology, part of an Agile/Scrum team to ensure correct and secure communication of data between internal apps.

    • Development of new features and maintenance of manufacturing tools
    • Authentication and identity management
    • High quality code with mainly E2E tests
    • Infrastructure-as-code principles
    • NodeJS/Typescript
    • Serverless, Cloudformation for modeling cloud infrastructure
    • API gateway (RESTful)
    • Cloudformation, Lambda functions
    • IAM, Cognito for identity and access management
    • RDS with Postgres, S3 for persistance
    • CloudWatch and CloudTrail for monitoring
    • Messaging with SNS/SQS
    • Jest/Cypress for testing
    • CircleCI for deployments
  • DEPT, Amsterdam |
    Oct 2019 β€” Dec 2021

    Worked as a Javascript developer using Salesforce Commerce Cloud, part of a multinational Agile/Scrum team responsible for improvement of the B2C e‑commerce website. Code was delivered in a CI/CD way of work which was planned in bi‑weekly sprints. The projects ran mainly on (2 yrs) and on and (2 months both).

    • Developed and built user stories for the Loyalty program "Gall Premium"
    • Rebuilt the site navigation from the ground up
    • Improved quality of A/B tests
    • Ensured code quality with unit tests, E2E and visual regression
    • Converted designs into functional components
    • Set up and maintained (3rd party) integrations
    • Set up and continuously improved site RUM (real user monitoring)
    • Typescript, Javascript, ISML, SASS, Salesforce Reference Architecture (SFRA), Webpack
    • React 16+ (hooks and functional components)
    • Jest, Cypress, BackstopJS, Puppeteer
    • Optimizely, Dynatrace, Google Captcha, GTM, Mopinion, SFCC Chat, Salesforce Service Cloud
    • Heroku, Node.js, AWS, Shell scripting
    • MVC/OOP methodologies
  • Vive, Amsterdam |
    Aug 2018 β€” Current

    Role as web developer for a fintech start-up This is a recurring project, worked a combined 2 months full time for this client and currently working on a new website.

    • Converting static designs into the marketing website
    • Advisory role on choosing the right tech stack that balances functionality, cost and ease-of-use for the content/designers
    • Hugo, Javascript, SASS/CSS, HTML (v1 and v2)
    • Webflow, Javascript (work in progress)
    • Git, AWS, Shell scripting
  • MediaMonks, Hilversum |
    May 2019 β€” Jul 2019

    Helped develop 2 marketing websites, and provide support for Heineken and Douwe Egberts. Worked closely with the product owner, testers and 3 other front-enders shipping code in an agile CI/CD way. The project ran for 3 months full time.

    • Convert design into dynamic marketing websites (Chinese content)
    • Provided technical support
    • Typescript, GSAP, Handlebars, Bootstrap, SASS KnockoutJS, Storybook
  • Individual clients |
    Feb 2016 β€” Current

    Helping a group of individual professionals build and run their own websites. Mostly providing the intial build and helping my clients to maintain and update the site themselves as much as possible.

    responsibilities technologies
    • Squarespace, Wordpress
  • Superheroes, Amsterdam |
    May 2017 β€” Sep 2018

    Recurring project, combined 2 months full time. Developed interactive banners global brands in consumer goods and banking sector. Clients include Finley/Coca-Cola, ING and L'or (JDE)

    • Translation of design to working code
    • Shipping/ trafficing of code through Weborama
    • Javascript, GSAP, CSS, HTML, Bash and Webpack
  • Dutch Portfolio, Utrecht |
    Mar 2017 β€” Dec 2018

    Recurring projects, worked for a combined total of a half year full time, building Wordpress sites and providing support.

    • Converting static designs into new Wordpress sites
    • Implementation of new features
    • Updating and migrating websites
    • Restoring faulty or broken installations
    • PHP, CSS, Javascript
    • Wordpress, Google Analytics, Google Tag manager
  • Online Department, Rotterdam |
    Oct 2017 β€” Feb 2018

    Responsible for building the front-end CSS and Markup of pharmacy working closely with the lead UX and Product Owner

    • Converting design from Sketch into static website templates
    • Communicating with the PO and UX lead
    • Hugo, CSS, JS, Shell scripting
  • Erasmus University, Rotterdam |
    Aug 2016 β€” Oct 2016

    Responsible for creating a VR experience for Erasmus University together with the client and a team of freelancers.

    • Delivered an interactive VR experience as independent Project Manager
    • Recruited and managed a team of 6 freelancers specializing in different areas of game/VR development
    • Applied Agile methodologies to deliver product in a timely manner
  • Pixelwater, Utrecht |
    Jan 2016 β€” Oct 2016

    As founder was responsible for working with game designers and finding projects to pioneer VR experiences.

    • Responsible for creating 2 VR experiences for Architecture
    • Recruitment of team members
    • Project management, sales and administration
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