Bram Joosten – Front‑end Developer

Curriculum Vitae

Personal details

Date of birth
24 October 1986
Phone number
+31(0)6 41 69 17 16
Koningin Wilhelminaplein 334, Amsterdam
LinkedIn profile
Bram sitting on chair in front of laptop


I love working with proven and emerging front-end technologies by day and explore the back-end realm by night. My background in product design allows me to naturally merge user friendliness, aesthetics and interactivity in my work.

Recent Projects

Dept, Amsterdam (current)
  • Working for, new features and ongoing development as part of the running team
  • Worked on 2 Salesforce e-commerce platforms for and
  • Agile/Scrum sprint-based releases in multidisciplinary teams
MediaMonks, Hilversum
  • Developed 2 interactive campaign websites for one of the leading mobile phone manufacturers
  • Agile CI/CD workflow with a team of 3 other front-end developers.
  • Provided various technical support for other ongoing projects
Superheroes, Amsterdam
  • Developed interactive banners for global brands in consumer goods and banking sector
  • Content network: Weborama
  • Example banner
Vive, Amsterdam
  • Role as leading front-end developer for ambitious start-up
  • Developed scalable multilingual static website
  • Directly collaborated with CEO and provided consulting about current developments in design, content management and DevOps
Dutch Portfolio, Utrecht
  • Various multilingual websites builds and technical support
  • Role as front-end developer
  • Project example:
Online Department, Rotterdam
  • Developed website for a leading chain of pharmacies in Europe.
  • Role as front-end developer

Other experience

Erasmus University, Rotterdam
  • Delivered an interactive VR experience as independent Project Manager
  • Recruited and managed a team of 6 freelancers specializing in different areas of VR development
  • Applied Agile methodologies to deliver product in a timely manner


Javascript/Typescript CSS HTML
Front-end Tools and Frameworks
React Webpack Hugo Sass Gsap Gulp ISML Bootstrap Handlebars Knockout
Design Tools
Sketch Photoshop Indesign Illustrator Google Web Designer
Salesforce Squarespace Woocommerce Wordpress
Back-end Technologies
Node.js PHP Go Java
Other Tooling
Git Docker Unix command line AWS

Recent Courses

React - The Complete Guide (incl Hooks, React Router, Redux) (certificate)
Go: The Complete Developer's Guide (Golang) (certificate)
Apache Kafka Series - Kafka Cluster Setup & Administration (certificate)


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