VR Portfolio 2017

In 2016, I decided to start my company Pixelwater. Projects varied from architecture firms to universities. By doing short pilot projects I was able to quickly gain a lot of experience with managing projects and making 3D models where necessary.

Also check out my 3D modeling portfolio.

VR Storytelling in your pocket

How do we coΓΆperate? For this Pixelwater project I lead a team of 6 very talented professionals for a great client. That resulted in a beautiful, mobile VR app. The app tells a story about change. The app was delivered on time and within budget. Concept art by Daphne Fontijn.

skillsProduction, leadership, project management, sales, writing, 2d graphic design, UX design
linksdownload for iOS
download for Android

Narrated office tour

Our second VR project was a mobile 3D VR tour where we walked through an office space. Client provided the 3d model, and we re-built it in 3d modeling tools.

We came up with a nifty UX to navigate through the VR space. Thanks to the ambient sound and voice narration the experience is very immersive.

skillsProject management, Blender, Illustrator
linksDownload for android (password: phzwz4)
descriptionWith a team of 4 we had great fun building this VR office tour. The amount of work that went into building the 3D models was the most challenging part.

First VR project

My first VR pilot project was small collaboration with Modus architects in The Hague. Me and a developer built a small app that tried to translate a 3d model to a mobile VR game. I was responsible for managing the project and on-time delivery.

clientModus Architecten
skillsProject management, sales, Unity, Blender, UX
descriptionThe models by the architects were built in Sketchup, we imported them into unity software. The greatest challenge here was getting the right geometry. Mobile VR an 3D rendering needs lightweight 3d models and software.

Unreal experience in water tower

For Zecc Architecs I put a model of a water tower apartment in VR.

clientZecc Architecten
skillsAutodesk Revit, Blender, Unreal Engine 4
descriptionWorking from Autodesk Revit to Unreal Engine. The speed with which we were able to do this was surprisingly fast, because the 3D model geometry didn't need to be optimized.